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Yes, it's been 20 years since our families moved to the Estrella™ community. During that time, the community has grown even richer in relationships. Additions like The Starpointe Residents Club and Mountain Ranch Marketplace provided places for friendships to grow. New neighborhoods offer exceptional homes with Spanish Colonial, Ranch and Craftsman style architecture for every size family. The one thing that has not changed since we first became residents here is the bright, shining optimism that the Estrella community will always be home.


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We all call the Estrella™ community home. Some of us have lived in Estrella since the very beginning, in the community of Mountain Ranch, and some of us are brand new, just realizing how special our new homes in Montecito and CantaMia® are. No matter how long we've been here, we each experience Estrella in our own way, with a choice of three distinct communities rooted in the Sonoran Desert landscape of Goodyear, Arizona.

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